Addy Wise


Mr. Addy is a well-known artist in Phuket, having won many awards both in Thialnd and also internationally. He is a professional artist trained to create tattoos using modern electric machinery as well as ancestral bamboo technique, which is less painful and allows the wearer to swim almost immediately after tattooing.

Mr. Addy is a professional artist who makes every tattoo with his heart. As he says: “from his heart, through his arm, he gives every customer a gift”.



Beer is a very talented artist and has more than 10 years of experience tattooing. He is able to work many styles and designs, and is specialized in realistic, color and black & gray works. He can tattoo with both machine and bamboo techniques. He has won many awards in conventions.


  1. Samui Tattoo Convention 2015 (Best of the day, 2nd)
  2. Tattoo Art Festival Hat Yai 2015 (Best of Friday 1st, Best of the day, 2nd)
  3. Samui Tattoo Convention 2016 (Best of Saturday, 1st)
  4. Bangkok Tattoo Convention #2 2017 (Best of the show, 1st)
  5. Korath Tattoo Convention 2017 (Best of the day, 2nd)
  6. Rayong Tattoo Convention 2017 (Best of Saturday, 1st)